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Chairman Message’s

From the Desk of Chairman — Mr. Richard D’Silva :

We on this side and you parents on the other side together can give our children the best education in terms of enlightenment, strong character and a wholesome existence. Always keep in mind “Trinity makes future not money.”

Secondary Head_Mistress’ Message

From the Desk of Head – Mistress (Primary Section) — Mrs. Pushpinder Arora :

Education is different from instruction and is a more comprehensive term. Students are admitted to the school irrespective of caste and creed. We believe that education surely does more to root in us the felling of unity with our fellow beings.”

Primary Head_Mistress message

From the Desk of Head – Mistress (Primary Section) — Mrs. Pushpinder Arora : 

Most parents set very high goals to motivate and stimulate their children’s learning without realizing their own child’s limitations or strengths. Very few parents encourage their children in the field of art or literature. Today, children seen on reality shows make us wonder. Are parents vicariously through their children? Aren’t we putting too much pressure and expectations at a tender age? However the bottom line is that we must accept our children for who they are and allow them to become what they want to.

Administrator Message

From the Desk of Administrator — Mr. Bharatlal Vishwakarma :

Educate yourself to achieve your goal. Things seem to be straight but its not so. we must plan all our path which takes to our aim. Trinity is example of unity to me. Students be united, respectful, obedient, humble and honest in your life.